Josef Schmidbauer


The Schmidbauer family has been running the Schlosscafé Palmenhaus since 1980. Son Josef-Anton Schmidbauer is now the third generation to run the café. The Schmidbauer family is an old Munich catering family that has been running the Ammer Hühnerbraterei tent at the Oktoberfest for around 120 years.

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Claudia Trott


Whether you want to organize a company event in the Palmenhaus or a family celebration, we will make your wishes come true.
Our philosophy: a celebration – a work of art – always.
What remains: lasting joy in what you have experienced.
Especially at your company party in the castle café in the Palmenhaus you will set an accent that will leave a lasting impression.

Rico Forster


My name is Rico Forster and I have been head chef at the beautiful Schlosscafe in the Palmenhaus since 2019. For me it is the best place to work because it offers me the opportunity to practice the different facets of this job due to the diverse wishes of our guests. Because a job comes from a calling. My team and I look forward to many more celebrations and happy guests.

Lucy Trott


My heart beats for the catering industry and therefore also for our businesses. With passion and ambition, I look after our guests in all respects and am the contact person for our employees and customers in all respects. I am happy to give everyone a good time and am open to new challenges, creative ideas and sustainable solutions.

Herr Masih


I, Mr. Masih (because everyone affectionately calls me that both internally and externally), would like to give my and our guests an unforgettable event through my determination and determination as an event manager. I will accompany you from the consultation to the end of the event and will be there to answer any questions you may have.

I am always motivated anew by the different events and the diversity of the guests and colleagues.

The most important thing for me personally is that the Palmenhaus has a family atmosphere and we therefore enjoy working very closely with each other.

One team, one victory!



I’m Alex and I’ve been the pastry chef at the Palmenhaus since 2016. I love my job and couldn’t imagine a better place to work than the Palmenhaus. Here I can develop freely and let my creativity run wild.

The best thing about my job is the joy the guests have when they see my creations. And I hope that I can make many more people happy with my art.