Conditions of Use

SCHLOSSCAFÉ IN THE PALMENHAUS – General Terms and Conditions 2023

1.) With the fixed booking of your desired date for your defined desired event and payment of the down payment invoice, you accept our general terms and conditions valid for the time of your event. Together with the offer, these are the basis for organizing your party on the agreed day of the event. Leaving the booked appointment to third parties is not permitted.

2.) Changes in relation to the catering can be taken into account if they are communicated in writing at least 7 days before the day or evening event.

3.) A deposit must be paid to secure your event. This is agreed separately according to the size of your event and is due upon conclusion of the contract. Options and reservations are not given.

4.) In the case of a cancellation after a binding booking of an exclusive evening event (duration longer than 7:00 p.m.) from 6 months before the date of the event, the cancellation fee is 4,500 euros including statutory VAT. If you cancel more than 6 months before the start of the event, the cancellation fee is the deposit paid. In the event of a cancellation after a binding booking of a day event (size from 11 people, maximum duration until 7 p.m.) from 6 months before the event date, the cancellation fee is EUR 30.00 per booked guest up to 4 weeks before the event, up to 1 week before of the event 40.00 euros per booked guest and then 100% of the booked services (if this is higher than the 40 euros) for the booked number of people. If you cancel more than 6 months before the start of the event, the cancellation fee is the deposit paid. Cancellation can only be made in writing or by email

5.) The amount of the event/room flat rate per person depends on the specific individual offer.

6.) Our prices apply at the time of your reservation/event and, unless otherwise agreed in the offer, these include personnel costs.

7.) Invoicing takes place at the end of your event and is payable immediately without deduction, in cash or by bank transfer (2 days after receipt of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed).

8.) The menu prices given are not binding, they are based on the respective market situation and pricing of the fresh products.

9.) The basis for invoicing is at least the agreed number of people for your reservation/event, whereby you specify the exact number of people in writing no later than 7 days – unless otherwise agreed – before the reservation/event. If the actual number of guests exceeds the specified number of people, this will be recalculated accordingly, plus the consumption of the artists, musicians and other service providers.

10.) LIABILITY: The host is liable for the guests during the event in the SCHLOSSCAFÉ IM PALMENHAUS, as well as when entering and leaving the palace area:

A.) For damage to fields and paths and soiling of fields and paths on beds, paths and lawns in the castle park area caused by vehicles and people in connection with your event.

B.) For damage to inventory and furniture in the interior

C.) During the rental period, the host is responsible for traffic safety with regard to the rented rooms and the access routes to the SCHLOSSCAFÉ IM PALMENHAUS through the castle park.

11.) Information signs and advertising of any kind cannot be placed in the entire publicly accessible area of ​​the castle or in any of the outside areas. The placement of signs within the leased area of ​​the SCHLOSSCAFÉ IM PALMENHAUS will be coordinated.

12.) Outdoor music is allowed until 10pm at a little louder than room volume. Music is permitted indoors with a maximum volume of approx. 85-91 dB. The organizer is responsible for this. The instructions of the responsible Palmenhaus employees regarding a possible volume control and the protection of the building must be followed. Music ends at least 15 minutes before the agreed end of the event. After the end of the performance, the technical and other equipment must be dismantled and removed immediately. There is no assumption of liability in the event of damage/theft.

13.) Photographing with drones is prohibited in the Nymphenburg Palace Park and in the Palm House.

14.) The SCHLOSSCAFÉ IM PALMENHAUS ensures access via the park and exit from the park at the end of the event via the main castle and the gate on Palmenhausstraße. Additional costs of €355.00 per hour actually used apply from midnight.

15.) The firing of fireworks, any kind of open fire (including sparklers), confetti cannons and the setting up of signposts and advertising material are strictly prohibited in the entire palace and palace park area (outside). The host is liable for any damage incurred.

16.) Smoking is prohibited inside the Palm House – including e-cigarettes.

17.) An exact list of the food and drinks, the room layout, the process and other agreements is made in an individual offer.

18.) Parking directly in the locked area of ​​the castle (also in front of the main castle) is strictly forbidden. Vehicles parked there will be removed for a fee.

19.) If there is a price adjustment between the time the offer is made and the time the event takes place, the prices valid at the time of the event shall apply.

20.) Driving through the Nymphenburg Park with motor vehicles or carriages

main lock is strictly prohibited. Violations can be punished with a fine of up to €2,500.00.

21.) The SCHLOSSCAFÉ IM PALMENHAUS is not liable for the cloakroom and other items/lost property belonging to the host