1.) By signing the order confirmation you accept our terms and conditions. These are the basis for organizing your party on the agreed day of the event.
2.) Changes in entertainment may be taken into account, provided they are communicated in writing no later than 7 days before the event.
3.) A deposit is required to fix your event. This will be agreed separately according to the size of your event and will be due upon conclusion of the contract. Options and reservations will not be awarded.
4.) With a cancellation from 30 days before the date of the event, the deposit paid remains as a lump sum. A cancellation can only be made in writing.
5.) The amount of the room and event fee per person depends on the time of day and the equipment (see FAQs)
6.) Our indicated prices are inclusive of personnel costs and plus 19% VAT. The price list valid at the time of the event applies.
7.) The settlement takes place at the end of your event and is payable immediately without deductions, in cash or by bank transfer (2 days after receipt of the invoice), depending on the agreement. Failure to comply with the payment term, we calculate the base rate per day of default.
8.) The menu prices quoted are not binding, they are based on the current market situation and pricing of fresh products.
9.) The basis of the billing is at least the agreed number of persons of your event, whereby you specify the exact number of people in writing at the latest 7 days before the event. If the actual number of guests exceeds the specified number of persons, this will be recalculated accordingly, plus the consumption of artists and musicians.
10.) LIABILITY: The host is liable for his guests during the event in the Palm House, as well as when entering and leaving the castle area:
A.) For land damage to the beds and lawns of the castle area
B.) For land damage behind the Schlosscafé, caused by vehicles
C.) For damage to inventory and furniture of interiors
D.) For the duration of the rental period, the host is responsible for the obligation to maintain public safety in respect of the rented premises and the access to the palm house through the castle park.
The Schlosscafé in the Palmenhaus is not liable for the cloakroom and other objects of the host
11.) Signs and advertising of any kind can not be applied throughout the lock area and all exterior surfaces.
12.) Music indoors is permitted. The volume of the music is the default of the city of Munich to obey, the responsibility for this is the host.
After the end of performance, the technical equipment must be dismantled and transported immediately, there is no liability for damage / theft.
13.) The Palace Café in the Palm House provides access through the park and leaving the park at the end of the event. From midnight there are additional costs of 241.50 Euro per hour.
14.) The firing of fireworks, any open fire (even sparklers) are strictly prohibited throughout the castle area. The host is liable for any damage incurred.
15.) A detailed list of food and drinks, the room layout, the process and other agreements in an individual offer.
16.) Parking directly in the locked lock area (also in front of the main lock) is prohibited. The vehicles will be removed for a fee.
17.) Should a price increase take place from the time the offer is made until the time of the event, the prices valid at the time of the event apply.
18.) Driving the Nymphenburger park by car or carriage over the main castle is strictly forbidden. Violations can be punished with a fine up to 2500,00 Euro.